About Mila E

Who is Mila E?

 I LOVE TO SING! I love touching lives and mending hearts with the gift of music. I live to soothe the spirits of those looking for a few moments of peace. I have over 20 years of experience in the music industry; singing, writing and composing and I am wholly aware of the affects music can have on the lives of people. But are you aware that 1.3 million elementary school students across the country do not have access to music education? Perhaps aren’t aware that as of 2010, 40% of high schools no longer require completion of an arts course to graduate. 

These statistics struck a chord with me which is why I started Mila E’s Music Mentoring for Millennials. The M3 Initiative was established to share my love and passion with millennial generations who aspire to have careers in the music industry. The program offers after- school programs and summer camps culminating to a talent showcase where our students display the skills and experience they’ve obtained through the initiative. M3 Initiative serves a two-fold purpose, to fill the void of the lack of creative arts and music in our schools' systems and provide an additional option for parents and caretakers for extracurricular activities. 

In addition, this initiative will help students compose ideas, experience and talent as the foundation for their future. If the M3 Initiative resonates with you, get in tune with us and help us create the harmony of our tomorrow. Or perhaps you’re interested in producing a jingle for your business, writing a symphony for that certain loved one or making that moment at a special event a memory time won’t forget. Book Mila E., ‘The essence of my gift is yours.’